Networking for Building and Maintaining Professional Relationships

“Excellent…will research and network more…its useful to get fresh/new ideas” – Sabia

“Session was very informative & uplifting. Great energy. It exceeded my expectations. Lots of info presented in a positive view…of we could have more guest speakers in future sessions….It is a very warm & positive environment. Something to be learned from each session” – Khadeja

“I learned so many tips to have me want to do things different…positive, learning, developing self skills” – Anna

“Excellent, very informative….specific information met everyone needs….relaxed atmosphere”

“Very relevant to me…specialist is experienced in their field….it is a great, positive and beneficial group”

“Smooth, well organised and engaging…very powerful to have a specialist in their field to come over…it is a supportive and progressive group that empowers women”

“Brilliant…nice tips good learning…very good insight from professional on certain topics…its growing well keep going!”

“Loved the group interaction…the audience participation really helped evolve the topic…sign up”

“It was very informative and relaxed. Confirmed some of the techniques I am implementing but also got more tips….expert advice is always good!…ideal way to network professionally in a relaxed environment” – Saleha

“Very Good. Independent views & a professional speaker is good.”