Mindfulness through Journaling

PtMSis Mindfulness through Journaling March 2020 Invitation

Date: Saturday 28th March 2020

Time: 14:00 – 15:30 (GMT)

Location: Online via Webex

Life has become fast and busy. With information being accessible at our fingertips 24/7 within minutes or even seconds. This means we have multiple thoughts and ideas criss-crossing through our heads simultaneously.

Add to the formula the unique position of professional Muslim women. We are juggling various aspects of life across issues of gender, race, culture, faith and profession. For many of us it can be overwhelming.

In this session we will explore how journaling can be a useful tool to effectively ‘brain dump’, organise, and then prioritise these thoughts for implementation. The key being actioning ideas and plans that may otherwise remain fruitless.

The aim is to take the overwhelming mountain of ideas, break them down into manageable chunks and organise them in a manner that aids life management. Journalising is one of many methods that can be used to enable us to balance our professional, personal and spiritual lives. Whilst being mindful of our mental and physical health.

This month we are honoured to have Jia Jamali as our guest speaker connecting with us from across the Atlantic in Canada. As her bio below conveys, Jia is another example of a multi-faceted professional Muslim woman who balances being a wife, daughter and mother with being a teacher, personal trainer, fitness instructor and influencer.

Jia will showcase how journaling has helped her become more reflective and organise how she spends her time between ventures. She will focus on the importance of Mindfulness through Journaling and how it can positively impact the various aspects of life we all try to juggle and balance.

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This is a sisters’ only online event.

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Speaker Bio:

Jia Jamali

Jia Jamali is a mother of two, a full time elementary school teacher, a fitness and wellness influencer, a certified personal trainer, and a group fitness instructor.

Jia teaches Grade 6 Language and Health & Physical Education to Grades 1 to 8. She currently facilitates 6 group classes per week for the Muslim women in our communities, including yoga, bootcamp and dance fitness across the GTA.

Apart from this, she is also pursuing a masters degree in counselling psychology and aims to specialize in marriage counselling and helping youth with drug, alcohol and addiction related issues.

Jia is passionate about health and wellness and has a desire to help women and children become the best versions of themselves in all aspects: mentally, physically & spiritually.

http://www.jiajamfit.com | Insta: @jia.fitness | jia.fitnesspt@gmail.com

PtMSis Mindfulness through Journaling March 2020 Invitation2

This was a historic moment for all at Pass the Mic Sis as it was our first ever online event and that too with an international guest speaker! Huge thanks to #JiaJamali for providing such a wonderful presentation full of useful information, advice and tips for being more mindful in all we do in life.

Thank you to the sisters who attended and took part in an interactive session whereby each of you were able to make a contribution and engage in the Q&A segment.

The session had a great balance of contribution to deen and dunya. Everything we do in this world will affect how we a judged in the hereafter, therefore we need to be mindful about everything we do. What is the purpose? How will it benefit us spiritually?

Below is a video of the recorded session, hope you find it as useful as the rest of us attendees did.